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Samantaa Lee: After-party Soiree


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SCORELAND: Let us know about your self, Samantaa. What are your leisure activities?

Samantaa Lee: I love to visit the flicks, pass out to munch and pass to soirees.

SCORELAND: What do you need to attempt in existence that you have not got laid with but?

Samantaa Lee: Commute, satisfy my private objectives, meet fresh other people and be a supreme fashion.

SCORELAND: What fashion of boulder-holders do you purchase?

Samantaa Lee: I store for boulder-holders that rump hang up my orbs apples smartly.

SCORELAND: Do you at all times put on a boulder-holder?

Samantaa Lee: Sure, more often than not. It relies on what I’m dressed in and doing.

SCORELAND: What do you put on to attract consideration for your orbs apples?

Samantaa Lee: I love blouses that showcase off my bod. I love my orbs apples to view excellent. I believed my orbs apples seemed excellent in my ebony sundress on this movie.

SCORELAND: Do you get a plenty of of consideration as a result of your torso?

Samantaa Lee: Sure. Once I stroll down the road, folks at all times view at me. I love them to recognize my cutie.

Date: February 10, 2024