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Maddie Move: Solo Lately, Rectal Thursday!


Maddie Move, one of the most most-popular MILFs of 2021, is again. Lately, squirt’s going to demonstrate off her massive, tan-lined jibs and bootylicious figure and pummel her beef curtains with a fucktoy. However we aren’t going to sink the lede: Thursday, Mrs. Move goes to get butt-banged on-camera for the first-ever time, and that’s the reason an tournament price getting exhilarated over.

When Maddie first-ever come to, we requested her, “Are you into rectal sex act?” Teen stated, “Sure, however best with my spouse.” That intended no rectal for us…till this week.

So get prepared for Maddie’s first-ever rectal and get heated up with this warm solo gig.

50Plus MILFs: Do you’ve got youngsters?

Maddie: I do. I’ve 2 sonnies. And I’ve one grandbaby, so I am a GILF now. [Laughs]

50Plus MILFs: How does it make you sense to grasp you might be admired by means of junior guys?

Maddie: The first-ever factor I call to mind is excellent champagne. It is highly flattering to grasp that I activate junior studs. I might all the time idea that aged dolls do not in most cases have that draw for junior studs, particularly within the south, however it is not true. I are living as regards to a school the city, so the schoolgirls may have their gfs, however then they will have me at the facet. It is kinda joy. It really works for me. My spouse I are each highly open-minded. We view at it this fashion: Existence’s too brief. You gotta play. You gotta love your self.

50Plus MILFs: You will have to have some truly fascinating tales.

Maddie: Oh, sure. As soon as, we picked up a youthful boy. He was once a school college girl. My spouse has a massive Chevy Duramax with 4 doorways, so we picked this boy up, and this youthful gent and I were given behind the truck and commenced frolicking round and having sex act, and the entire time, my spouse was once using us throughout the city. It was once beautiful magnificent. We had a plenty of of joy with him.

50Plus MILFs: What was once the boy’s answer?

Maddie: Oh, he had a excellent time! He was once interested in it. Like, “Yeah, that is joy. I am up for this!”

Date: October 3, 2021